Filler Injections

Filler injections (injectible fillers) have a wide range of use in the treatment of aesthetic and corrective indications such as decreasing facial wrinkles, volume restorations and correction of asymmetries. The injectible fillers have made many of the surgical volume restoration procedures unnecessary and obsolete as the easy and safe filler injections find a wider use in outpatient clinics, particularly in increasing the volume of lips, cheeks and eyelids. It is of the utmost importance that filler injections should be applied by plastic surgeons who are the most competent specialists as they are more experienced and well-aware of all the anatomical structures and variations of the face. This will decrease the occurance of complications, increase the patient satisfaction. I prefer certificated filler products: Juvederm® (Allergan®) and Idea® (Regenyal®) Cross-linked Hyaluronic acid and i select the subtype of these fillers which is best suitable for the needs of the  specific patient addressing different volume, contour and tonus characteristics.