Dr. Sürmeli’s other specialities and areas of interests

Art and Music

  • I am playing the guitar since 2000. I have started with classical and rock guitar. Now playing classical rock, neoclassical, blues, jazz genres. I have a certificate for successfully completing a theoretical jazz program. (certificate)
  • I am an amateur level digital painter and designer, using graphic tablets for painting and drawing both raster (Photoshop, Adobe inc.®; Manga studio, Smith Micro Software®) and vectoral images (Illustrator,.Adobe inc.®). I am actively following many of the renowned digital artists

Computer and Programming

  • Database design: I know initial level VBA (visual basic) programming and Microsoft Access Database designing.
  • Data analysis: I have successfully completed Microsoft Excel Data Analysis and Visualization course by Microsoft. (Certificate)  (Excel 2013-2016 Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) language)
  • Data analysis and Biostatistics: I know biostatistical designing and analysis and engaged in biostatistical planning and analysis of various medical scientific articles including my own thesis.
  • Musical editing applications and Video editing applications: I am actively using the most commonly used programs of these fields FL studio, Guitar Pro 6.


I am 4th grade student of Economics in Anadolu University, Faculty of Economics


I have successfully completed Wellesley College paleoanthropology courses.(Certificate) .

Theoretical Physics

QED,  Cosmology, Specific and General Relativity: I’ve taken online video courses of theoretical physics, QED and cosmology of Stanford University without any certification


I have successfully completed MIT Calculus courses (Certificate) .