Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

Nose job (rhinoplasty) operations are one of the most delicate and challenging procedure in the field of plastic surgery which requires surgical mastery together with vast amount of experience. The changes in the shape and structure of the nose, which is perhaps the most important structural element in the facial expression and arguably the most important aesthetic unit of the face, leads to a dramatic change in the overall “beauty” and expression of the face. The corrections, restructuring and re-shapings that are going to be applied to the nose are decided during the interview with the patient before the surgery. The operational plan is made by evaluating the shape and size of the other facial parts and thereby the most realistic solutions are offered to meet the patient’s expectations. There are mainly two major steps of nose operations. One of them is aesthetic reforming-reshaping and the other one is functional corrections which is the correction of breathing difficulties and nasal airway obstructions. The main nasal deformities that require aesthetic interventions are:

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  • Nasal hump

  • Down pointing nasal tip

  • Wide nasal base (wide nasal bones)

  • Coarse and big nasal tip

  • Asymmetry of the nostrils

During functional correction of the nose, the main objectives are: 

  • Correction of the deviations of the main nasal (septal) cartilage

  • Strengthening of the nasal tip support

  • Correction of the nasal airway obstructions

  • Supporting the dynamic structural elements of nasal breathing

The corrections of the functional or anatomical obstructions of the nasal airways and interventions made to relieve the nasal breathing are as important as the aesthetic procedures done during the surgery. Therefore these functional and anatomical interventions, such as removal of the deviated or malformed cartilage and bony segments that obstruct the airways, fixing the defects in the supportive framework of the nose, to reconstruct a patent airway takes a considerable part of the surgery.