Mole, cyst and lipoma excision


Moles (nevi) are the growths in the layers of the skin that  may have the same color as the skin or darker.  Moles are classified based on certain criteria and can be removed in case of suspicious appearances or for aesthetic reasons. Moles and discolorations which are confined to the superficial layers of the skin can be erased  by laser, shaving, cryotherapy (freezing); and small local surgical approaches are necessary for the removal of the moles that occupy deeper or all layers of the skin.

Sebaceous cysts are cysts that are subcutaneously located, encapsulated with a membrane and filled filled with oily excretions. The most frequent locations are hairy skin, face and back. These cysts are removed by excision which is minimally 0.5 cm but it can differ according to the size of the cyst.

Skin lumps (lipomas) are benign non-cystic formations of the fat tissue. While there may be a single slow -growing mass but also there may be multiple lumps-masses in the body in some familial types. In the treatment, an excision through the skin or liposuction (fat tissue removal by a cannula) can be applied.

In all these diagnoses, when surgical procedures are performed, the sutures are applied according to the proper aesthetic plastic surgical techniques and after the operation necessary advices are given in order to provide minimal scar formation.

Sebaceous cyst on the nape

Skin lump (lipoma)

Mole (nevus))