Gluteal Autoaugmentation with Autologous Fat injection

(Buttock Lift with Fat Injection, BBL-Brasilian Buttock Lift)


Buttocks are the key element of the woman figure and one of the most effective way to emphasize it is by Gluteal Autoaugmentation with Autologous Fat injection (Buttock Lift with Fat Injection) procedure.

In this procedure the fats that are extracted (by liposuction) are processed, filtered and then injected to the areas of deficiency or to the areas that need to be augmented.

Because of inadequate medical understanding and knowledge, wrong operative techniques, this procedure has become one of the most fearful and controversial practices of plastic surgery. 
In our experience we obey the “Safe Gluteal Fat Transfer Guidelines” suggested by the “Multi-Society Gluteal Fat Grafting Task Force” and ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons)

We have operated more than 250 patients without any complications:

• We NEVER inject into the muscle
• We NEVER inject in very large volumes
• We NEVER inject in high pressures
• We ALWAYS take care of the cannula angles to keep the injected fats away from important vessels.
• We ALWAYS inject in a multi-planar fashion to increase the vitality of the injected fat and to prevent complications.

For the safety advisory about the technique that we follow: click here