Clarification Text and Declaration of Consent under the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698

Dear patient,

Within the scope of our practices regarding the processing of your personal data and the Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data (“Law”), Dr. As Mehmet Sürmeli, we would like to inform you about your personal data that we process.

In this text, if you benefit from the treatment and services (“Services”) offered by our company to its patients, there is a clarification text regarding your personal data that may be processed during and after your use of these Services.

  1. What Is Our Purpose of Processing Your Personal Data and What Is Your Personal Data We Process?

Information/Contact: Identity (name and surname), contact (phone number, e-mail address) and customer transaction (transaction date) in order to provide you with information about appointments, transactions and operations regarding the Services you will receive from our business, and to contact you when necessary regarding possible changes and updates. and time) your information is processed.

Health data: Your audio-visual records (photos and videos that you will transmit regarding the treatment area), your health data (medical health care information) in order to be necessary before the Service/medical application to be applied to you, to determine whether there are any legal/medical obstacles to the application, and to take additional measures specific to your current health status, if any. Date of birth, gender, past surgeries, past illnesses, answers to questions about medical health history, medications used, number of children, family history of illness/disease, pregnancy, height, weight, allergies, chronic disorders, medical intervention planned for the patient information and other health notes to be taken by the physician depending on the situation, and other health reports, analyses, and conformity letters that can be obtained from other physicians, which may be requested by the physician depending on the situation are processed.

Confirmation (booking) /Security processes: If you are coming from abroad for treatment; In order to ensure the security of the appointment and the organisation, to confirm its accuracy, to provide the necessary organisation for the day of the operation, your identity (name and surname, TR identity number / passport number) and customer transaction (Flight information (boarding/departure date and time, airline company)) information is processed.

Business Partner Organisation: Your identity (name and surname, passport number/TR identification number), customer transaction (date and time of the operation) and health information (name and detail of the operation to be applied) in order to send the necessary operation appointment within the hospital, where the operation will be performed, to the relevant business partner in order to create the necessary operation appointment and open the records. ) are processed.

Organisation Process: If you decide to benefit from the Services, in order to provide and organise the necessary organisation regarding the Service and the operation, to open the necessary records in our systems, to make the necessary organisation (accommodation, transfer, travel) according to your request and to use these records when necessary; ID (name and surname, TR identity number / passport number, passport information), customer transaction information (accommodation, transfer, travel details, date and time information, fees, details of the transaction to be applied (application date, fee)) are processed.

Protocol Book: Identity (name and surname, TR identity number/passport number, age, gender) and health information (sequence number, date, diagnosis and treatment, decision, thoughts) are processed in order to record the information regarding the health service provided in accordance with legal obligations in the protocol book kept at the operation center.

Accounting Processes: Identity (name, surname, TR identity number, passport number if foreign), communication (address) for the purposes of carrying out collection and accounting works after the sale of the service, recording these transactions in our systems, issuing invoices, executing refunds when necessary, making payments to you and tracking the payments, Your finance (bank account information) and customer transaction information (service fee, service content, invoice information, tax office, invoice number) are processed.

Follow-up/Request/Complaint Processes: Determining the changes and developments after the service applied, following these processes for medical purposes, examining and analysing when necessary, sharing them with you upon your request, submitting your questions, requests or complaints about the Service applied through our communication channels or other issues, whether your request is fulfilled or not; Identity (name, surname), contact (phone number) in order to share the result with you and to get back to you when necessary, to ensure patient satisfaction, to ensure the quality standards of our business, to control the employee and business processes, to use our rights arising from the legislation in case of possible legal disputes or legal processes, your customer transaction information (interview details, requests and complaints) and health information (pre- and post-operative photos and videos, complications, information about your health status, physician comments) are processed.

Appointment Processes: Identity (name and surname), contact (phone number, e-mail address) (in order to reach these records to make an appointment for examination and/or control purposes, regarding the Service you receive), customer transaction (appointment information (date and time), Service information of interest, your notes to us), are processed to save the data we need in the system and to carry out communication activities with you.

Reporting/Evaluation: For the purpose of creating statistical data about our business, measuring the quality of service provided, identifying and correcting deficiencies, and realising in-house development processes, your customer transaction (purchase history (purchased service, date, quantity), source of the first communication channel information is processed within the scope of periodic reporting/analysis/statistics processes over the patient tracking systems we use.

Public Posts: In addition, if you give your permission (explicit consent), it can be published publicly on social media platforms and on our website (www.drmehmetsurmeli.com) through our communication channels within the scope of advertising and marketing activities of our business, and can be shown as a case study for other patient candidates within the scope of explanation and persuasion processes, your identity (name and surname), professional experience (occupation), visual and audio recordings (pre- and post-operative photos, videos, interviews with you) and health data (name and scope of treatment applied) to be used for medical and educational purposes in meetings, scientific studies and presentations , history) is processed.

Legal Processes and Internal Activities: In case of disputes that may arise, all kinds of lawsuits against official institutions and organisations such as courts, enforcement offices, mediation, arbitral tribunals, exercising the right of reply and objection, execution of warning processes, negotiation and agreement processes regarding disputes, clarification made in accordance with the Law in case of a possible complaint/investigation, and In order to prove the explicit consents obtained, to fulfil the legal notifications/informed consent notifications required to be made in accordance with the health legislation, to fulfil our storage obligations arising from the legislation, and within the scope of internal audit and internal control studies, identity (name, surname, Turkish identity number, passport number (if the patient is non-Turkish citizen), signature), communication (phone number, e-mail address, address), finance (bank account information) customer transaction (credit-debt information, service fee, dunning letter information, billing information, date, scope and method of explicit consent), your transaction security information (Digital log records of clarification text and consents made within the scope of the law) and your health data (reports, pre- and post-operative photos, epicrisis/discharge reports, analyses, physician notes, protocol book records) are processed.

If you apply to us as a relevant person, identity (name, surname, TR identity number, passport number (if the patient is non-Turkish citizen)), signature (if written application), communication (e-mail address, telephone number, fax number) and customer transaction (subject of the request) in order to respond to the application in accordance with the Law are processed.

  1. To Whom and For What Purpose Can We Transfer Your Personal Data?

We may transfer your personal data to the following persons:

Business Partners: We may transfer your personal data to our contracted business partner hospitals in order to provide the necessary organisation for the operations that need to be performed in hospitals within the scope of providing medical services.

Service Suppliers: We may transfer your personal data to domestic service providers (suppliers from which maintenance/support/development services are received, website server service suppliers, banks and payment institutions for payments, legal and financial/accounting consultancy services) in order to receive product and service support in information technologies or consultancy requiring expertise, lawyers, financial accountants/certified public accountants, e-invoice service providers, social media agencies, travel agencies providing organisations (accommodation, transfer, travel).

Transfer to Abroad: If you give your express consent, we may transfer your identity, communication, financial transactions, legal transactions, audio-visual records and health data to abroad due to the fact that, in the performance of these services, the servers of the suppliers (e-mail server services, health platforms providing patient lead forms, suppliers providing patient tracking and management system services (CRM services), suppliers providing calendar services, messenger applications) that the Business receive product and service support in information technologies are abroad. 

State Institutions and Organisations: In order to fulfil our obligations and to provide information, documents and related obligations to authorised public institutions and organisations and judicial authorities, and to exercise our legal rights such as lawsuit and reply rights, the information requested from us is transferred to these institutions, organisations and authorities (ministries and subordinate directorates, state institutions, courts, prosecutor’s office). In addition, if your transportation is provided by us within the scope of the relevant legislation regarding Tourism and Travel Agencies, we may transfer the information about your transfer details to the authorised institution and to the authorities of public institutions and organisations.

Public Posts: In addition, if you give your permission (explicit consent), in order to be published publicly on social media platforms through our communication channels and on our website (www.drmehmetsurmeli.com), within the scope of advertising and marketing activities of our business, publicly through social media platforms whose servers are abroad, and on the website; we may share your data (identity (name and surname), professional experience (profession), visual and audio recordings (pre- and post-operative photos, videos, interviews with you) and your health data (name and scope of treatment applied, date)) with our contracted suppliers, with our patient candidates who receive appointment service so that they can be shown to other patient candidates within the scope of explanation and persuasion processes, and with people who participate in the relevant event for medical and educational purposes in medical meetings, scientific studies and presentations.

  1. What Is The Collection Method and Legal Reason For Your Personal Data?

Your personal data will be collected via our communication channels (phone, e-mail, social media accounts, online messenger applications, online webforms), your payment information will be collected via banks, your pre and post operation photos will be taken by us and/or will be sent from you before and after the operation through our communication channels and recording the interviews we will make with you if you give your explicit consent. Also explicit consents, clarifying text and other forms collected regarding the legal obligations would  be recorded digitally in our system that you digitally signed and/or you fill physically in our office or send us by mail.

Your personal data are stored in all kinds of verbal, written or digital media, within the scope of the purposes stated above, in order to fulfil the contractual and legal obligations of our clinic.

  1. What Are Your Rights?

You can withdraw your express consent at any time and without giving any reason and you can terminate personal data processing activities. You can always apply to us regarding your rights in Article 11 of the Law regarding your personal data processed by us. You can send your applications to Dr. Mehmet Sürmeli’s address below (to the Data Controller); by making a written application or by sending an e-mail from your e-mail address registered in our system. (We would like to remind you that the relevant request must comply with the conditions in the Declaration on Application Procedures and Principles to the Data Controller.)

Address: Harbiye mahallesi Mim Kemal Öke Caddesi, 

Kristal Apt. No:17 Kat:2, 34367 Şişli/İstanbul

E-mail: info@drsurmeli.com