Breast Augmentation (with silicone implants)

The importance of Breast Augmentation

Having an important role in women’s body perceptions, absence or smallness of breasts affect their self -esteem and social relationships, hence it’s not true to assume breast augmentation operations as solely aesthetic procedures. Breast augmentation operations can be done with different types of breast implants. Breast implants can be placed under or above the muscle depending on the characteristics of patients. A thorough evaluation and planning before the surgery is crucial. Depending on the type of the breast, anatomical (tear-drop) or spherical (round) implants can be used. In the patients with severe breast sagging (ptosis), breast lifting may be needed to be combined with the augmentation to achieve better results.

Options for international patients:

For our international patients, we also offer a package which includes a stay during your journey in a 5-star hotel breakfast included. Also transportation with a personal driver between the airport, the hotel and the hospital.

İncluded in the price is : Hospital fees ( single room , meals for you and your companion ), blood tests , surgeon and anesthetist consultation. Any drugs that are advised by your doctor. Post and Pre-op checks and follow.  

For details on our different packages you can contact us.

The process:

For a Breast Augmentation in İstanbul, once you have contacted Dr Mehmet Sürmeli, an online consultation will take place, Dr Mehmet Sürmeli will examine your pictures and ask you for some medical information. Once Dr Mehmet Sürmeli gives his recommendations, a date for your surgery will be determined. On your arrival in Istanbul, you will be in touch with one of our representatives. On the day of your surgery it is important that you do not eat or drink anything at least 10 hours before the operation. At your arrival at the hospital you will be conducted to your room and the nurse will run some blood test, then the anesthetist will examine you once this is all done, Dr Mehmet Sürmeli will come to your room for some examination and explain you the process of the surgery and where he decided to cut to put the implants in place.There is three type of incision transaxillary incision, which is made in the armpit; periareolar incision, which runs along the line between the dark-colored areola and the lighter surrounding skin; inframammary incision, which sits in the crease below the breast; and transumbilical incision. Dr Mehmet Sürmeli will take into consideration the shape of your body and what will aesthetically suits you the most.

The operation lasts between 1-1.5 hours. After the surgery patients should stay at the hospital for 1 night. Our specially trained nurse staff will take care of you. For our foreign patients it is necessary that you spend at least 1 week in Istanbul as Dr Mehmet Sürmeli will need to do some post-op controls.

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